Swarm Top was founded in 1960 and has more than 50 years of history.
Our company starts up with sewing machine parts (feet-dog), this partrequires a high precision work to produced, shall be like our company.....
Featured Products

OIL FREE air compressor 
Air compressor, the Company produced 100% without adding oil, compressed out of the air
 quality to ensure that no oil contamination.

Hard chromium plating
Of the company's air compressor cylinder internal hard chromium plating with the same level of automobile engine cylinder service life of greatly enhanced.

The rod may be things in the the company connecting rod group PTFE, PTFE his characteristics is the high temperature and wear, can we produce more to increase the service life.


Dentists to patients with the use of air must be oil-free odorless, clean air, and to ensure that the patient's mouth Ministry hurt and pollution, while the company's production of oil-free air compressor 100% guarantee no oil pressure outair oil-free, tasteless, is the best choice for dentists.

Factory with steam locomotive repair shop, often have to be used to To pneumatic empty tool, or the wind high precision factory or special processing factory CNC machining, can be used on air compressor, we can help customers amount to customer demand for air volumetailored.

Paint job
Use oil-free air compressor auto paint is the best option, 100% oil-free air to ensure that the paint is not baked on oil pollution, oil pollution will hinder the adhesion of the coating, and lead to premature corrosion, so select 100% oil-free air compressor is the best choice of paint factory.

Many experimental trial or pharmaceutical plants need to clean room inside job, so the required air quality is to improve the lot of this the production of oil-free air compressor 100% guarantee no oil pressurethe air out of the oil-free, tasteless, more precise and more accurate the results of the experiment done.