Swarm Top was founded in 1960 and has more than 50 years of history.

Our company starts up with sewing machine parts (feet-dog), this part requires a high precision work to produced, shall be like our company with professional mechanical knowledge, and specialize in hard chrome technology, in order to meet our customer quality requirements. The hard chromium processing technology is the driving force behind the development and production of our air compressor products.

Actually engaged in Compressor Manufacturing in 1985, our company have a solid mechanical foundation, therefore we against all odds, to develop and produce our first Piston Direct Oil-Free Air Compressor, so far we are continuing the research and develop high quality air compressor, such as
low noise, rust Pneumatic barrel, box-type air compressor, high pressure air compressors, vacuum machine etc., all those product are applicable to dentists, precision medical, laboratory, food processing, auto industry and biochemical fields.

Our company products are divided into single-cylinder and twin cylinder. All cylinders are specially treated with high abrasion resistance and oil free

process and 3 different horsepower series 560W, 900W and 1800W; barrel also have 2 sizes 12L and 24L. In 1996, all our product series received Belgian AV Labs - pressure vessels CE certification

More then fifty years of company history is the proof of everything we do, our technology and quality are very reliable and can be trust. We’ll be very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with your company.

The company produces three types of head groups as follows: